A Technologist's Guide to Career Advancement
A Technologist's Guide to Career Advancement

"An amicable, instructive handbook  for anyone looking to grow in a technological field."


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A Technologist's Guide to Career Advancement

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A book that will give you an advantage over your IT peers to help get you the promotion you deserve!


Thanks for stopping by!  A Technologist's Guide to Career Advancement is a book I felt I had to write to help all of you in IT advance in your career.  It can be extremely daunting to do things like ask for a raise or request the promotion that you rightly deserve.  The single goal of this book is to give you the advice and techniques that will lead directly to advancement in your IT career. 


Kirkus Reviews says, “Schneider’s debut guide will help information technology professionals rise to the top… The author doesn’t waver from his stated aim to target the specific challenges and concerns of IT professionals; he endeavours to help
them ‘stand out amongst the multitudes of mediocrity.’”

The vast majority of the advice and techniques in this book come directly from my own experience.  I have had the good fortune during my 20+ year career of going from a C programmer at a small company, to the Vice President of Software Development at a Fortune 100 company.  My experience includes many years of writing software in lots of different industries, and doing everything from spitting out thousands of lines of code, to design, system architecture, and testing.  The last 12 years of my career I have spent in technology management, including hiring, firing, and evaluating the technology talent on my teams. 

A Technologist's Guide to Career Advancement will prove useful to a number of different people.  This includes software developers, quality assurance analysts, database developers, database administrators, technical support professionals, project managers, technical managers, and really anyone that is in a technical field.  

This book will also appeal to those about to graduate from college who have majored in a technical field.  In fact, it should be required reading before you are allowed to accept a job at any company.

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